Version 2.14c and later
Forbidden SHOW and FORM file extensions (case-insensitive):

jsp exe bat asp pl php cgi

Version 2.14c and later
One of the following text must appear somewhere in SHOW and FORM files (case-sensitive).

<HTML> <html> ${EMAIL} </HTML> </html> ${SUBJECT} ${NAME}

Predefined Input Fields

Beside the following predefined input field names, you can make up any other field names as long as it doesn't have an equal sign (=) in it.


You can use CHECKBOX or RADIO buttons to assign the value of "ON".
Name Since
Absolutely Required
TO 1.0 the email address of the recipient. -Must Have
Default Input Field Handling
NAME 1.0 the name of the email sender
EMAIL 1.0 the email address of the sender
SUBJECT 1.0 the email subject
MESSAGE 1.0 the main message body.
CC 2.1 carbon copy (Cc: ) email message back to viewer.
  • ON
    make a carbon copy email message
MIME 2.1 send email message with MIME support
  • ON
    send email message with MIME support
EMPTYHANDLE 1.5 blank field handling. The following are the valid values and their meanings.
    ignore the field in default formating
    do not ignore the field in default formating
    display error immediately
Default value is IGNORE.
MULTIPLE 1.6 manual concatenation of the strings of the same field across the form.
  • ON
    turn on the manual concatenation
  • OFF
    turn off the manual concatenation
*NOTE* Turn this field on only when necessary. Otherwise, results can be unexpected.
MULTIPLEMARK 1.5 string separates multiple selections
Default value is ', ' without quotes.
Output format control files
REDIRECT 1.0 displaying another HTML document as the result
SHOW 1.0 result display control file
FORM 1.0 email format control file
CCFORM 2.1 carbon copy email format control file
EMPTY 1.5 blank field error control file
Read only Fields - Generated by CookMail
ETC 1.0 indicating the rest of the unformated input fields
EMPTYERROR 1.5 indicating the last input field which is empty
Internal Use - Do Not Use Them
PREVENV only in
Abandoned in version 2 of CookMail