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Bug Fixes

Potential Problems and Their Fixes

  1. Regular versions of CookMail use "Location:" instead of "Content-type:" to display its output. Although this method gives CookMail some powerful features, such as running CGI scripts in the output, it also leaves a temperary file in the /tmp directory everytime cookmail runs. There should be a cron job periodically removing these temperary files (/tmp/owebm* on Unix and c:\temp\oweb*.* on Windows) if there hasn't been a similar one. Using CookMail Lite can avoid this trouble.
  2. Security in CookMail
    Previous versions of CookMail (before 2.14) have some flaws in security that allows hackers to download files that are readable by world. One of such files is /etc/passwd. Although this file does not actually contains any password information on most systems (even if it does, they are encrypted.), it does provide a list of usernames for hackers who attempt to break them. Malacious hackers could also execute some commands as the uid of HTTPD (never ever run HTTPD as root). If you downloaded CookMail before 10/8/2001, please download it again. BTW, don't just look at CookMail alone. There may be tons of CGI programs on your web sites having the similar problem. I have been actively trying to fix all the potential security bugs founded.
  3. Additional minor bugs/warnings/problems are stated in cookmail.c.

    Be warned:
    Install and use CookMail at your own risk!

Registration & Copyright

CookMail is a freeware. You are encouraged to use and distribute it to anyone freely. Modifications of this software are allowed on the base that these modifications are not distributed. There is no registration required for this program, but I strongly suggest that you subscribe to the cookmail-l list (see below) for the lastest release/bug fix.
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