Download CookMail

Please go to the sourceforge download site to download the files. The current version should be 2.14c (Platform-Independent). Binary builds for other platforms may use an earlier version of CookMail.


The latest version is 2.14c

Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
The binary version is 2.13d.

Starting from version 2.13c, there are four versions of CookMail for Windows NT. Some web servers requires the HTTP/1.0 200 OK header for CGI outputs. You could either check your web server configuration or simply try them out and see whichever works.

FilenameHas HTTP/1.0 200 OK header?

Alpha NT:
This zip file contains for alpha, cookblat.exe and cookmail.exe regular version for alpha. Thanks to Mandich, Lou for compiling this archive. The default temp directory is d:\temp.

This zip file contains cookmail.exe, source code and readme.os2. Thanks to Brian Carr bcarr@Basit.COM for modifying and compiling this archive. Please read readme.os2 for detailed information.