Installation Checklist for CookMail

Words in BOLD and CODE are either exact commands or exact file names.


CGI script directory
Run make in cookmail directory.
Try to run
gcc cookmail.c html.c html_env.c btree.c base64.c mime.c -o cookmail
cc cookmail.c html.c html_env.c btree.c base64.c mime.c -o cookmail
Still Error?
Record all the error messages and send them to
Copy cookmail to CGI script directory.
CookMail regular version only:
In your HTTPD document root (the directory which is / in your web page) run
ln -s /tmp tmp
Setup a cronjob to remove /tmp/owebm*.html daily.
Setup a cronjob to refresh /tmp/.html or equvalent.
Test CookMail.

Windows NT/95/98

CGI script directory
Copy regular or lite version of COOKMAIL.EXE to a CGI script directory.
Install COOKBLAT.EXE. Follow the instruction in README of, but only use COOKBLAT.EXE provided by me.
CookMail regular version only:
Does your NT web server support virtural directory?
Make sure C:\TEMP exists.
Create virtual /tmp pointing at C:\TEMP.
Make sure that this directory cannot be listed.
Create a directory called tmp under the web document root.
Replace C:\TEMP in cookmail.exe with the complete pathname for the directory created above. Use a hex/binary editor to do this.
CookMail Lite only:
Make sure C:\TEMP exists.
Test CookMail.

Check out CookMail FAQ for commonly asked questions.